Riinvest promotes modern economic development based on the philosophy of entrepreneurship. Over the past two decades, Riinvest has produced analysis, publications and different socio-economic reports; developed markets, sectors, and interventions in the value chain; organized seminars, conferences, roundtables and meetings with high economic and business value for the country. The knowledge and experience allowed Riinvest to be competitive and competent in addressing socio-economic and business issues.

In the area of ​​market development, Riinvest has been engaged in providing technical assistance and knowledge in various markets; particularly in horticulture, tourism, food processing and health sectors. Many years’ experience with most developed research methodologies, has prepared our team to not only provide local assistance, but to implement utmost complicated activities in this regard.

In the field of training and education, Riinvest was involved with municipal officials, business owners and/or representatives, civil society and journalists, in order to increase and improve their capacities in several areas specified under training programs.

Finally, given the rich available information Riinvest researchers have been actively engaged in academic research, resulting in the preparation of various guidance documents and works to address and empirically contribute in many areas of economy where literature was scarce.

While future developments constantly create new challenges, Riinvest Institute remains ready equipped with expertise and experience, upon the principles of credibility and impartiality, and the continuous activation of development, providing, building, and offering solutions to the overall society development.

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