Chamber of Economy of Montenegro

The Chamber of Economy of Montenegro is business association with rich tradition, independent, professional, creative, inventive and above all authoritative, represents interests of all businessmen for the economic and overall development of the state of Montenegro. The Chamber of Economy of Montenegro, for the economic development which is the common mission of all its members, directs and conducts its activities by:

  representing the general interests of the economy and all economic entities

  enabling companies to participate in managing the economy and thus preserve their freedom encouraging production in the economy

  presenting business opportunities in foreign countries

  fostering business ethics and practices

The Chamber shall:

  ensure the attainment and promotion of the common interests of its members

  participate in passing the economy and system related measures and the measures of economic policy falling under the state competences by giving its suggestions and opinions concerning certain issues of interest for business operations and the development of the market economy

  give opinions in relation to the proposals for a law and other regulations that govern the tax system and the measures of economic policy

  represent and stand for the common interests of its members before the public authorities and perform professional duties that are conferred thereon by the Government and other public authorities

  render professional assistance to the Chamber members, and particularly with respect to the field of marketing, linking the economy with the science by the introduction of new technologies

  establish information system for the need of its members, keep the database of business operations, available resources in certain branches of the economy and their production programs

  contribute to the development and promotion of entrepreneurship and the profitable economic performance

  contribute to strengthening good business practices and business ethic

  contribute to fighting monopolistic business entities and monopolistic tendencies in the market

  create conditions for making agreements an organizing meetings of business entities for the purpose of identifying and taking common attitudes and proposals, as well as for sharing their experience and establishing business ties among them

  provide support to its members in resolving their disputes

  perform also other duties defined by the Statutes of the Chamber

Activities and tasks

  ensures realization and enhancement of common interests of its members

  creates a favorable ambient for development of market economy

  participates in the development of the EU association programs

  provides assistance to its members in introducing EU standards

  works on education and training of staff, corresponding to the economy’s demand

  provides information to its members with a view of finding potential partners in the international market and establishing contacts with international partners

  develops information system and business connections

  organizes activities in the area of foreign economic relations focused on the promotion of goods and services, economic propaganda, organization of fairs, development of foreign trade network, and realization of foreign trade activities

  provides information to economic entities with regard to services of introduction of the QMS and its implementation in practice

  provides assistance to its members in peaceful settlement of disputes through the Courts that are established within the Chamber, as independent bodies characterized by an independent decision making

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