About E-platform

BFC SEE platform is a unique IT tool for monitoring the business environment in South East Europe, developed with the support of Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) and Open Regional Fund for Modernization of Municipal Services (GIZ MMS ORF), which will contribute to higher efficiency, visibility and impact of the regional BFC SEE network and its structures.

Along with additional promotion of the region and certified cities and municipalities, the platform also enables automatization of the entire certification process, online application and submission of documents in electronic form, exchange of best practice examples in the region, and eased access and use of data among local governments and businesses. For the national and local institutions, the platform serves as an additional source of information for defining decisions and incentive measures on the local and national level, while providing investors with a standardized tool for accessing municipal data, contact information, promotional materials, investment opportunities, information about business conditions etc.

BFC SEE Partners