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21. June 2016.

Workshop for BFC SEE partners and municipality in Montenegro

In cooperation with the Ministry of Finance of Montenegro on 20th and 21st June 2016, in the premises of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, NALED organized a workshop for partners and for cities and municipalities which, as a pilot municipalities in Montenegro, joined the Business Friendly Certification program.

The first day of the workshop, dedicated to the representatives of the partner institutions that will form the BFC SEE network in Montenegro, the member of the BFC SEE Technical Committee Dragan Pušara and regional BFC SEE coordinator Ivana Bogosavljević Čikić presented the program, working bodies, the process of certification, the process of accreditation, as well as the tasks and obligations expected during the implementation of the BFC SEE program and the functioning of the working bodies within the regional network.

The second day of the workshop was intended for employees in the municipalities who will be responsible for the implementation of the certification process in Montenegro in the upcoming period. On this occasion, the process and phases in the process of realization of the BFC SEE program, 12 criteria of BFC standard and the supporting documentation are presented.

BFC SEE Partners