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29. December 2020.

The 18th session of the Regional Council

The 18th session of the Regional Council of the BFC SEE network was held via Zoom Online Meeting Platform due to coronavirus pandemic (COVID – 19) on the 29th of December. The meeting was attended by members of the Regional Council from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and North Macedonia as well as representatives of NALED and GIZ ORF MMS.

The main topics at the meeting were the consideration of the difficult circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic faced by the local governments and the measures that would be suitable to implement to organize the work more efficiently in the given circumstances by the local governments.

The decision prescribes a measure by which local governments in the region extend the period for the realization of the implementation phase by a maximum of 180 days, ending on 30 June 2021, without the possibility of further extension. Therefore, all cities and municipalities that are in the phase of implementation of the re/certification process according to the Edition III of the BFC SEE regional standard at the time of making this decision have the right to extend the deadline for the realization phase of implementation no later than 30.06.2021.

To prevent the spread of coronavirus, all planned activities related to the implementation of the re/certification process, which require the participation of both local government representatives and licensed inspectors during the coronavirus pandemic, can be realised through available online platforms.

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