30. March 2020.

The 16th session of the Regional Council

The 16th session of the Regional Council of the BFC SEE network was held via Zoom Online Meeting Platform due to coronavirus pandemic (COVID – 19), on the 30th of March. The meeting was attended by members of the Regional Council from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and North Macedonia as well as representatives of NALED and GIZ ORF MMS.

The main topics discussed at the meeting were coordination of all activities of the BFC SEE network and harmonization of application of BFC SEE regional standards and accompanying procedures in emergencies caused by coronavirus pandemic (COVID - 19), as well as the current status of the BFC programme per country and upcoming activities on the network due to changed circumstances. Also, temporary measures related to all structures of regional BFC SEE network and other participants in the certification process of cities and municipalities with a Friendly Business Environment in South East Europe according to the Edition III of BFC SEE regional standard during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID -19).

Members of the Regional Council adopted the following temporary measures to efficiently organize work and exchange information in changed circumstances. That decision orders that all certification processes of cities and municipalities in South East Europe that are implemented at the time of this decision, according to the Edition III of BFC SEE regional standard be suspended until the necessary conditions are established for their smooth continuation. And its orders to the necessary alignment within the BFC SEE network. This decision indicates that all planned activities related to the preparation and implementation of steps in the certification process, which require the participation of local governments and licensed controllers (evaluators and verifiers), are suspended during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID -19) until the necessary conditions for their smooth implementation are established.

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