30. November 2018.

14th session of the Regional Council

The 14th session of the Regional Council of the BFC SEE Network was held in Hotel Inn, Skopje on November 30th. Apart from permanent members of the Council, the meeting was also attended by Zorica Bilic, the representative of GIZ ORF MMS.

According to the already established practice, at the beginning of the meeting members of the Council presented the status of the BFC SEE programme in their countries. One of the main conclusions is that the last two years (2017 and 2018) were the most sucessfull when it comes to the number of municipalities interested and involved in the process of Certification of Business Friendly Municipalities in South East Europe. Currently, there are 33 municipalities in the certification process. Also, development of the BFC SEE software and the new website (e-platform) are highlighted as a great innovation in the BFC SEE programme.

Besides the BFC SEE program and the certification process, topics discussed at the meeting were the status of the project "Development partnerships with the private sector in the BFC SEE municipalities", undertaken activities and further steps and the status of the initiative for the establishment of the Regional platform for the Business Friendly Environment (BFE SEE).

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