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04. July 2017.

Ceremonial unveiling of BFC SEE board in Novi Grad Sarajevo

Jozo Bejić, president of the BFC SEE network in FB&H and Semir Efendić, mayor of Novi Grad Sarajevo, officially unveiled BFC SEE certification board on 4th July 2017.

By fulfilling all BFC SEE criteria municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo became the holder of the BFC certificate, proving that this municipality has developed and improved the system of communication and provision of services to existing businessmen as well as system for attracting potential investors.

“The BFC SEE certificate represents a kind of guarantee to investors that a certain municipality provides a high level of service to companies in all three phases significant for business development: pre-investment, investment and post-investment”, said Jozo Bejić.

Mr. Efendić said that the BFC SEE certificate is in some way a confirmation of everything that this local community has been doing in the past years. He stated that the certification process itself lasted for 18 months, and the municipality had to fulfill 85 concrete measures for obtaining a certificate.

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