About BFC SEE Network

The Regional Network for Business Friendly Environment in South East Europe

The Regional Network for Business Friendly Environment in South East Europe is a unique platform for improving the competitiveness in SEE countries through knowledge transfer, best practice exchange and designing and implementing reforms in public administration. The BFC SEE Network was established in 2012, by partner institutions from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia with the support of German and Swiss Governments; in 2016 the Network has opened its doors for new member countries - and Montenegro was the first to join.

More than 1.3 million EUR has been invested so far to develop the regional platform, network structures and capacities, as well as joint programs. The BFC SEE network and its members have sparked two major regional initiatives – Business Friendly Certification of Municipalities in SEE and Electronic permitting, and implemented projects with the support of GIZ, SDC, USAID, SIDA and World Bank.

The Network has gathered more than 20 institutions and organizations including line ministries, chambers of commerce, association of municipalities, development agencies, CSOs and academic institutions.

NALED is the Regional Technical Secretariat of the BFC SEE Network, while the founding members and national leaders are:

  • Federal Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts (BiH)
  • Regional Development Agency for Herzegovina – REDAH (BiH)
  • Ministry of Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation of the Republic of Srpska (BiH)
  • Chamber of Commerce and industry of Republic of Srpska (BiH)
  • Faculty of Economics in Rijeka / Center for Local Economic Development – CLER Croatia)
  • Association of the Units of Local Governments – ZELS (Macedonia)
  • Macedonian Chambers of Commerce – MCC (Macedonia)
  • Ministry of Finance – Directorate for Financial System and Improvement of Business Environment (Montenegro)
  • Chamber of Economy (Montenegro)
  • National Alliance for Local Economic Development – NALED (Serbia)

In addition to BFC SEE and E-permits as successful initiatives sparked by the Network, members of the Regional network are aiming to expand, institutionalize and strengthen the partnership in the area of business friendly environment (BFC to BFE network) by stimulating exchange in the following areas:

  • Grey economy and illicit trade
  • Vouchers for seasonal labor
  • Public private partnerships
  • Cadaster reform (digitalization)
  • Para-fiscal charges
  • Doing business and country competitiveness
  • Ag payment agency and IPARD
  • Investment promotion and attraction

BFC SEE Partners