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Jastrebarsko, Ivanec, Skoplje, Štip, Prijedor, Sombor, Vranje, Zaječar, Sremska Mitrovica


This year as well, Financial Times has published the list of best European municipalities, cities and regions for investments in 2016/17: in the competition of 481 locations, the list of top 10 investment destinations in 10 different categories related to cost effectiveness, FDI strategies and economic potential, included 9 local governments and 3 regions from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and Macedonia, members of the regional BFC SEE network. Among them, 4 local governments are current holders of the Business Friendly Certificate, while the others used to be part of the program or are currently undergoing the process. Serbia appears 9 times in the report, followed by Macedonia with 5, Bosnia and Herzegovina with 3 and Croatia with 2 appearances.
The recognition of Financial Times, as the most influential business magazine in the world, means that the efforts of local governments aimed at improving their business environment and providing the best services to investors have been noticed and acknowledged. At the same time, it has been shown that Business Friendly Certification of municipalities in SEE enables local governments to compare the local business conditions with other successful areas in the region, and improve their business environment in accordance with the investor needs. For investors looking to expand or move their operations in South East Europe, BFC SEE serves as a standardized tool for assessing local business conditions and indicates which local governments in the region have the most favorable investment climate.
This recognition is just another confirmation of the quality and significance of the regional Business Friendly Certification in South East Europe municipal certification program which, starting from this year, will be implemented as internationally recognized standard in Montenegro as well.
Complete analysis you can find here.


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