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The delegation of the City of Banja Luka, led by the Mayor Mr Igor Radojičić, met today with the members of NALED Executive Board and the representatives of Executive Office, to discuss opportunities for intensifying cooperation in the upcoming period.


One of the main topics at the meeting was the elimination of administrative obstacles and the improvement and simplification of services provided by city administration to citizens and businesses. In this regard, according to the Mayor, one of the main goals and priorities of the city management in the upcoming period will be the establishment of quick, efficient and transparent local administration, achieved through launching of e-services and the introduction of e-permitting ,an area where NALED has vast and significant experience. In the upcoming period, the city management will also particularly focus on the topics of resolving property-legal issues, equipping the industrial zones and establishing PPPs on concrete projects such as the construction of a sports hall, modernization of public lighting and bus stations. The mayor and his associates were presented the latest, ninth edition of NALED’s Grey Book of regulations, offering recommendations and solutions for removing the administrative obstacles to doing businesses, which can certainly be useful in improving the business environment in Banja Luka.

City of Banja Luka is one of the 28 cities and municipalities holding the BFC SEE Business Friendly Certificate in South East Europe. As stressed by the Mayor, the city will engage in the recertification process and take measures for maintaining and improving the level of services towards businesses, with the aim of positioning Banja Luka as one of the most favorable business destinations in this part of Europe, through further promotion in cooperation with NALED.

Apart from the Mayor, Mr Igor Radojičić, the delegation from Banja Luka included Srđan Amidžić, Deputy Mayor, Milan Grubor, Chief of Cabinet, Siniša Kurteš, Economic Advisor and Borko Torbica, Advisor and representative of the company Elnos. On behalf of NALED, the meeting was attended by the Executive Director Violeta Jovanović, the representatives of Executive Office, Aleksandar Jovičić, President of Executive Board, Vesna Živković, Ana Petrović-Vukićević, Darko Vukobratović and Neško Čestić, members of Executive Board.

The meeting participants agreed to organize an investment conference in Banja Luka during the year, while the next meeting to discuss the details regarding the agreed activities will be held in late March in Banja Luka.

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