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More than 80 certification criteria are used to evaluate the quality of the local business environment in the following 12 categories:

1. Strategic approach to local economic development
2. Administrative capacity to support businesses (LED Office)
3. Parter relationships with the private sector (Business Council)
4. Efficinet system for issuing construction permits
5. Database management of business related information 
6. Proactive approach in investment promotion and marketing
7. Credit solvency and financial stability
8. Promotion of job creation and human resources development
9. Promotion of public-private partnerships
10. Adequate infrastructure and reliable utility services
11. Transparent and stimulating taxes and incentive policies
12. Use of information technologies (e-government)
Municipalities need to meet at least 75% of the criteria in order to be certified as business friendly according to the BFC SEE regional standard. The certificate is valid for two years.
The indicators within categories are graded according to different levels of importance, as follows: elimination, very influential, influential and additional.  Elimination indicators represent a pre-requisite for certification and relate to the basic principles and practices of local government management, while the additional indicators point out the examples of good practices in managing local governments in South East Europe. 
In order for a local government to fulfill conditions for obtaining a Business Friendly Certificate, it must completely or partially fulfill more than 15 elimination indicators:
Local development strategy
City/Municipality has developed an implementation plan and determined the priority projects 
The Strategy has been adopted by the City/Municipality Assembly 
Organizational unit in charge of local economic development (LED Office)
City/Municipality has established an organizational unit in charge of local economic development (LED Office)
Permanent Business Council
There is a board (Business Council) providing advice to City/Municipality officials regarding issues and concerns of the business community 
System of services for issuing construction permits 
City/Municipality has valid spatial-planning documentation enabling issuance of  building permits
City/Municipality has a database of construction lots that can be offered to potential investors 
City/Municipality provides written description of procedure for issuing construction permits (City/Municipality has a Guide to the process of oissuing construction permits) 
City/Municipality provides information on the status of a specific request/case, when requested by the party or other participants in the process – investor (via Internet, phone)
City/Municipality provides information on the expenses of utilities outside the jurisdiction of LG (electricity, telecommunication services etc.)
Activities for business environment quality and investment promotion in City/Municipality
City/Municipality has up-to-date brochures and promotional materials regarding business conditions and investment potentials in local economy 
City/Municipality has updated the part of its Internet presentation referring to the business conditions and investment potentials in local economy (in local and English language)
City/Municipality develops cooperation between public and private sectors 
City/Municipality officials periodically/when needed meet the representatives of local business community, in order to jointly resolve issues/problems of general importance for the citizens and businesses 
Adequate infrastructure and reliable utility services  
City/Municipality has mid-term and long-term infrastructure development plans
City/Municipality conducts annual infrastructure development plans
City/Municipality implements transparent tax policy and tax collection policy stimulating local economic development  
Decision on the land use fee is available at City/Municipality Internet presentation (revised version as well)
Decision on land development fee is available at City/Municipality Internet presentation (revised version as well)
Decision of utility fees is available at City/Municipality Internet presentation (revised version as well)
Information technology and communication 
City/Municipality has introduced Internet and e-mail communication into its daily operations 


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