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Center for Local Economic Development / Faculty of Economics, University of Rijeka

The Center for Local Economic Development (CLER d.o.o.) was founded in 2012 by the University of Rijeka’s Faculty of Economics. The Center’s founding was a logical next step in response to the needs of Croatian society for the existence of an institution that would, by using a broad and holistic approach, encompass all aspects of local development management.

The Center for Local Economic Development’s vision is directed towards establishing a recognizable international center that engages in scientific, technical and development activities in the local public sector domain. This kind of integral and holistic approach enables the transfer of knowledge and cutting-edge practices and an increase of the development potentials of municipalities, cities, districts, state institutions as well as relevant private stakeholders to a significantly higher level.

The Center for Local Economic Development’s mission is to utilize the knowledge and expertise of the Faculty of Economics in Rijeka and all other domestic and international institutions and stakeholders in order to accomplish the vision that was the main reason for our institution’s founding. The Center’s holistic approach has the goal of enabling the fastest possible transfer of modern interdisciplinary knowledge into the local public sector’s operations through regulatory frameworks, guidelines, information systems, development projects, education and other applications.

The goal of the Center for Local Economic Development is to conclude international agreements of collaboration with all relevant institutions in the domain of local economic development and beyond.

In Rijeka, on September 26th, 2013 the Center for Local Economic Development signed a contract regarding the formation of a Regional Network for a Business Friendly Environment, at the International Fair of Local Municipalities – NEXPO which was held from September 25th to 27th in Rijeka and Opatija. By doing this, CLER became a partner in the certification project BFC SEE.



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