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PAGE UPDATED: 16 May 2016

Benefits of BFC SEE

The ultimate goal of the BFC SEE Program is to improve and harmonize business conditions in the region, strengthen the image of SEE as an investment destination, encourage economic cooperation and attract new investment.


The BFC SEE seal of quality is an internationally recognized indicator of efficient local administration and a favorable investment climate in South East Europe. Ensuring a stable and predictable business environment, it guarantees investors that all certified municipalities in the region provide a premium level of services to companies.


Municipalities entering the program set benchmarks, positioning themselves against the most progressive ones in SEE, securing stronger support from national and international institutions and donors. BFC SEE has been acknowledged by the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) and included in the SEE 2020 Strategy as a priority measure.


Benefits for holders of business-friendly certificates:
1. Certificate-award ceremony;
2. Ability to use the logo of business-friendly certification abiding by the book of standards;
3. BFC plaque and promotional material branded with the certification program logo;
4. Media promotion according to activities of the national BFC SEE partners;
5. Participation in national economic marketing through the BFC SEE national partners;
6. Promotion within events that organized by BFC SEE partners;
7. Set of promotional material according to activities of the national BFC SEE partners;
8. Intensive promotion through BFC SEE website;
9. Promotion of certified municipalities in cooperation with program partners, i.e.  through contacts with investors and participation in trade fairs in the country and abroad according to activities of the national BFC SEE partners.


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